They Came For Our Music

by Toby Vok

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Toby's latest masterwork, this concept album was recorded during an extended fugue between March 2008 and yesterday, during which Toby convalesced following an alien abduction.

The download includes a PDF book that accompanies the story.


released January 1, 2012

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Toby Vok UK

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Track Name: i woke up in an unfamiliar location
I woke up in an unfamiliar location
a small bed in the corner of a cell
the walls and floor were glowing softly
my head swam as if under a spell

I hammered at the door with my bare fists
demanding someone tell me where I was
the only answer was a short vibration
a sinister mechanical buzz

when a portal opens and a face appears
I finally have to face my fears
this isn't a place of human construction
I'm the victim of an alien abduction
so I show my hands in a gesture of peace
as the speed of my heartbeat starts to increase
I pray I'm not in for dissection
as the creature begins an inspection
from the safety of the corridor
it eyes me slumped upon the floor
it gestures with a limb until
I rise to my feet against my will
it checks the results of some kind of scan
and nods as best an alien can
it beckons and leave, and with a nervous swallow
I slowly begin to follow
Track Name: a room full of instruments
they led me to a room full of instruments
that I understood they wanted me to play
the lights were bright enough to be uncomfortable
so I began with minimal delay
I blinked and tried to look all around myself
as I channeled an unfamiliar scale
their heads were tilted slightly horizontal
and all their eyes were locked upon me, without fail

they seemed satisfied by my performance
there rose a barely audible hiss
I took it for alien approval
and thought that perhaps I could get used to this
Track Name: they came for our music
a pulse-wave struck my brain and suddenly it hit me!
these creatures wanted more than just to hear me play!
they were analysing data on my compositions
so they could suck all the earth’s music away!
I don’t know why I didn’t realise sooner
the audience were all taking hurried notes
with laser-pens on holographic tablets
as their hearts pulsed deep within their throats

like a fool I granted them their knowledge
now it’s up to me to foil their evil plans
before they can enformulate a strategem
to hand the earth a melodosonic ban
Track Name: everything happened at once
to begin, nothing happened for a while though the creatures grew afraid of my smile I knew it was just a matter of time I knew it was just a matter of time

I’d set a glitch in action by altering a fraction and setting it to load into the life support code

I went along with further instructions as everything inched closer to destruction a binary counter in my brain ticked. and then it ticked again.

I’d set a glitch in action by altering a fraction and setting it to load into the life support code

as my mind indicated that the time had arrived I leapt into an escape pod, and hence survived. the outward force propelled me on my way as the inward crush kept detritus at bay.

I’d set a glitch in action by altering a fraction and setting it to load into the life support code with co-ordinates set, and nullified threat I relax and watch the skies above explode.
Track Name: plummeting at intolerable speed / the pulsing moon
crash landing! not as bad as I expected. to my ears it’s clear that earth’s music is resurrected. the weather’s fine. I’ve found a resting place. I lie back on the grass and patiently gaze up into space.

the stars are bright and there’s a perfect full moon - unusual, for the middle of the afternoon but I don’t quite understand, my suspicion doesn’t rise until the moon begins to pulse, oscillate and change size

space is buzzing and my eyes are glazed. time is humming and we are all in phase. we are all in phase we are all in phase we are all in phase we are all in phase we are all in phase we are all in phase